​Accent Project

​Welcome to Make The Grade English's Accent Project.  
We've been lucky to meet people from all around the world during our work, and we meet a lot of different accents.  We've started to collect them here, so you can listen to them and help to practise your English listening skills.

Red buttons mean it's a female speaker, and blue are for males.

You can help the Accent Project to grow!  

We are looking for more people to add their voices (anonymously) to the map.

To do it follow these steps:

  1. Download the script
  2. Record yourself reading the script, in 1 file or in 4 separate files.  Try to be as clear as possible, in quiet conditions.
  3. Send the file to us, and we will add it!  Just click on this link and drag-and-drop the audio files to us.  It helps if you can put them in one zip file with your name, but you can send them as 4 different files if you prefer.  ​